About This Blog

This blog is an inspirational and encouraging blog that seek to encourage, motivate, and inspire readers during their daily living. While visiting this blog, I hope readers become inspired and encouraged. This blog doesn’t serve as a substitution of any medicine, therapy, or any personal remedies that may be used. But, it serves as a boost in readers daily living who desire encouragement and motivation. Understanding that these are some difficult times we are living in, this blog is to encourage readers that life has not ended. So, don’t give up on the dreams that has been set to achieve and the goals that has been set to accomplish. At the same time, I am seeking reviews for my newly published poetry book, “Inspirational Poems for the Storms”. I am a young self-publishing author who seek to inspire a world of listeners. Hearing the overload of bad news circulating the world, I would like to inform readers there is still hope and good news to be received. For future interviews or to just show your appreciation of my work, you may contact me at:

Tamarah Mack

PO BOX 6604

Jackson,MS 39282


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