Inspirational Poetry

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Are you experiencing trials and tribulations? Are you seeking an encouraging word just to make it through the day? Well, there is nothing like being inspired and informed hat there is hope for your situations. 

As an author, I have faced numerous of obstacles and fought many battles with the assistance of my Heavenly Father. That is not to boast or brag, but that statement is to let you know that hope is real and there is a such thing of being an overcomer.

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Fashion Designer Jewelry: Be a Star

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Life Was Meant to be Fun




Are you in need of a vacation? Are you tired of working and working and never having the opportunity to travel or do anything exciting? Well, get ready to make plans Today to take some time out for yourself to enjoy. Many people are given life to live another day, but they don’t realize the real true meaning of granted another day to live. It means since we have been granted life and that more abundantly, it is the opportunity to receive our full share of what life has to offer.


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Watermelon Candles

What’s your favorite fruit? Is it watermelon? Do you enjoy eating watermelon?


Imagine having the fragrance of watermelon flowing throughout your home or office? Imagine visitors or co-workers gaining an appetitie for watermelons because of the fresh fruit enticing smell flowing throughout your home or office.

Whether you enjoy burning candles, wax tarts, or tea lights, watermelon is the scent you don’t want to miss out on. The scent of watermelon has truly gained its popularity that it has became the scent of the month numerous of times.

So, enjoy fresh fruit scent of watermelon Today!

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