Female Music Composer

Have you heard of a female composing beats? Have you ever heard of a female composing beats in various genres?


Well,  I am Tamarah Mack. I am an indie lyricist, producer, and music composer. With the information age we are living in, I am so thankful for the people whom have made this information available that I am able to  do things myself. Things I couldn’t imagine I could do, I can literally follow instructions and do it myself. You maybe wondering how did I start composing beats.

First of all, I would like to thank my Heavenly Father for the talents and gifts he has blessed me with. I thank him for the knowledge and wisdom to understand the things that I don’t understand. I begun writing poetry approximately age 8 or 9. I recently self-published a poetry book titled, “Inspirational Poems for the Storms”. I start thinking how I can turn poetry into lyrics. So, I begun writing lyrics. After writing lyrics, I begun searching the price of beats to accompany my lyrics. After comparing prices and searching, I concluded that beats are high and I just couldn’t afford it right now. This led me to seeking how to compose beats so, I read and read various types of information. Therefore, I invested in a couple of music softwares and the music party begun,


To view some of my work , you can visit the following links below:


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