Female Music Composer

Have you heard of a female composing beats? Have you ever heard of a female composing beats in various genres?


Well,  I am Tamarah Mack. I am an indie lyricist, producer, and music composer. With the information age we are living in, I am so thankful for the people whom have made this information available that I am able to  do things myself. Things I couldn’t imagine I could do, I can literally follow instructions and do it myself. You maybe wondering how did I start composing beats.

First of all, I would like to thank my Heavenly Father for the talents and gifts he has blessed me with. I thank him for the knowledge and wisdom to understand the things that I don’t understand. I begun writing poetry approximately age 8 or 9. I recently self-published a poetry book titled, “Inspirational Poems for the Storms”. I start thinking how I can turn poetry into lyrics. So, I begun writing lyrics. After writing lyrics, I begun searching the price of beats to accompany my lyrics. After comparing prices and searching, I concluded that beats are high and I just couldn’t afford it right now. This led me to seeking how to compose beats so, I read and read various types of information. Therefore, I invested in a couple of music softwares and the music party begun,


To view some of my work , you can visit the following links below:


Starting an Online Jewelry Boutique

Have you been having the urge to start a business, but was undecided what to start? Wthe start up cost the reason you place the idea of starting your online business to the side? Have you been searching for opportunities, but you have been left disappointed because they all require some type of fee? 


Well, look no further here is an opportunity you may be interested in? If you answer yes to at least one of these questions, I know this maybe beneficial to you.

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If you answered “Yes” to at least one of those questions above, this is your chance to start your free online jewelry boutique. Yes, I stated “FREE”. Even though that is a word you don’t see often, I was skeptical at first as well. Imagine sitting at home sharing your link with family and friends promoting your jewelry boutique items. Imagine family and friends no longer going to local jewelry retail stores, but they choose to shop at your boutique where they can get quality fashion designer jewelry. 


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