Home Insurance and Burgularies

Did you know that one- third of the burgularies walk through the front door?

Security devices can often lower our insurance premiums, but a study shows many of us don’t even bother to lock our doors. We also increase our risk of our homes being burgularized by posting vacation pictures on social media sites. Do we really have to let the world know our every move through check ins and posting?

Majority of the burgularies take place because of those individuals that are welcomed to our homes or just a friendly visit of one we know. Some of the visits are of someone who is tagging along with the person we know. But, we don’t know that individually personally ourselves. With those type of visitors, you will frquently get the question “May I use your restroom?” Well, you don’t want to be rude and say “No”. So, you reply, “sure’.

As you notice the individual taking so long, you begin to walk towards the bathroom to find that the individual is roaming through your house as if he/she is lost or can’t find their way back to the front room.

To protect ourselves and our family, we must take the necessary precautions in keeping certian information private. Therefore, we will reduce the chances of us and our love ones becoming victims of burgularization by strangers. Are you taking the necessary step in protecting your family from burgularization?


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