Employers Downsizing

Is your employer downsizing?

Are you witnessing more layoffs?

I don’t know id you’re being affected by the new employers’ way of getting tasks completed. Have you head of the “do more work with less people”? Well, this is a new strategy most employees are implementing. This idea may seem like a good idea for the employer, but it can cause the employees to be distressed. It can also cause employers to:

  • seek other employement
  • begin to call in frequently
  • become stressed

To avoid having distressed employees, there are companies who are offering their assistance to employers. But, there are employers who are undergoing budget cuts. So, outsourcing for any kind of service isn’t on their agenda at the time. Many of them believe it is cheaper to distribute added duties and more workload on the current staff. What’s your opinion on the “more work with less people concept?”


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