Benefits of a Stay at Home Parent

Do you know of a stay at home parent?

Have you heard of a stay at home dad?


The “Benefits of a Stay at Home Parent” by David mentions how Lance worked as a sixth grade teacher earning a salary of nearly 45,000. He left his career to be a stay at home dad. He was wanting to be involved in his boys early milestone. He figured the cost of a nanny was very expensive. If parent s have sat down and analyzed the cost, childcare is very expensive nowadays.

Lance’s wife corporate job serves as a financial cushion. Being a stay at home parent have many benefits such as:

  • parents have more time to spend with family
  • children receive the sufficient amount of attention needed from a parent
  • more time to tend to house chores

Due to economic issues many Americans are facing today, it is highly needed that both parents work in order to make it . In some cases, both parents may come to the agreement that one of their income is suitable to cover all the bills along with any savings or other forms of financial resources. After comparing prices for childcare and hiring a nanny, parents may realize the amount of money that can be saved if one of the parents can afford to be at home with the kids.


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