Affordable Care Act

Are you knowledgeable of the Affordable Care Act?

How will the Affordable Care Act Affect You?

The healthcare industry is very shaky at the moment. People are wondering how to determine the best plan that suits them. There are many questions that are being asked such as:

  1. What’s included in the plan?
  2. What’s allowed and now allowed by insurance provider?
  3. Who are exempt from the mandatory rule?

Well, allow me to start with what insurance providers can’t do which includes:

  1. Can’t deny coverage for pre-existing conditions
  2. Can’t limit coverage for clinical trials
  3. Can’t charge more for women
  4. Can’t put a dollar limit on annual benefits
  5. Can’t make you wait for too long
  6. Can’t skimp on essential benefits
  7. Can’t make you pay too much out of pocket

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