Health Care Plan-2014

Do you have health insurance?

Do you know what’s the best plan for you?

Starting in 2014, the federal government will require you to have health insurance. The Affordable Care Act requires states to set up competitive health insurance Marketplaces called “Exchange”. The federal government will set up exchanges that instates that don’t set up their own. The exchanges will offer websites where you can compare health insurance plans and prices and buy coverage online. You will also see do you qualify for government funded insurance programs or government subsidies to help you afford health insurance premiums.

On the other hand, there will be health insurance companies and brokers who will sell plans directly to consumers through their own websites and call centers. I can only imagine how overwhelming this process is going to be for others especially our elders who are not familiar with the basic concepts of even using a computer. Not only our elderly, we have middle age adults who are not a fan of a computer and are not computer literate at all. So, I am hoping there are knowledgeable and informative people in place to make this process smooth for those who don’t even use a computer. There will be people all over the world and in various counties who will be seeking assistance. So are you ready for this process and how will this process affect you?


One thought on “Health Care Plan-2014

  1. Hey Tamarah. How are you? Well you know my situation..pre-existing condition and being self employed so what would you suggest for me as far as obtaining health insurance?

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