New Owner of a Hospital

Do you know of a new owner for a hospital?

Did any of the services change?

There is an article by Jeff Ayers titles, ” New Owner of 10 hospitals”. Imagine 10 hospitals getting a new owner, how would you think that would affect the hospital overall? Do you think there would be a decrease in the efficiency of the services offered? How would you think this change would affect the current employees?

As I have witnessed new management in some businesses, a change of ownership or new management can be for the good and sometimes it can be for the worse. It really depends on the individual who is about to carry the load of a leader to carry out leadership skills and goals for the targeted company. In some cases, a change in management has caused some businesses to lose customers because of the quality of service and the product. The new manager begun ordering cheap products or merchandise, but the price on the product remained the same or the price increased just in a short duration of time from when the customer was last at the business shopping.

On the other hand, a change in ownership brought an increase in business in which customers begun to see a change in the service provided by employees and employees were very professional. Have you ever experienced a new ownership or management of a hospital in your hometown? How did the service change or was there a change in all?


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