Ankle Bracelets Alarms

Imagine Being Around Someone Who Is Wearing an Ankle Bracelet?

How Would You Feel if it Was a Criminal and there Ankle Bracelet Goes Unchecked?

Many states are seeking tools to make officers’ job easier and monitoring inmates easy. I understand our world appears to be very automated and want everything done in the most simplest and easiest as well as cheapest way as possible. In most businesses, there are very few receptionists at the desk taking incoming calls, majority of the time you will hear an automated voice of various numbers to press before you can actually speak with a representative. Now, there are inmates or those who are labeled criminals who have ankle bracelets that are going unchecked by the authorities.

With these devices going unchecked, the suspect is likely to commit more crimes. At the same time, the individual may get involved in other actions that put innocent lives in jeopardy. As I read the article, “Some ankle bracelets going unchecked’ by David of Associated Press, the first thing came to my mind was, “How many people are in the public among innocent people who are wearing ankle bracelet alarms that aren’t being checked by authorities?” Just to even imagine that number was mind blowing to me and it may be mind blowing to you as well. Yes, the tracking system is an electronic device. Yet, there is still a human being who has do his/her part in making sure the device is serving its purpose and the full benefits are received from the device.

Do you really believe someone is watching these individuals 24 hours a day? We can all possible answer that question. Towards the end, the article mentions how 100,000 sex offenders, paroles, and people free on bail wear ankle bracelet that can sound an alarm if they leave home without permission, fail to show up for work, or if they even linger around a playground or school. As mentioned above, I can imagine the number of individuals wearing an ankle bracelet! Yet, this article provides a ball point range. How would you feel if you are near some one who has committed a serious crime and has on an ankle bracelet, but it has not been checked by authorities?


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