Smart Uses for Your Tax Refund

Are you ready for tax season that’s approaching?

How will you use your tax refund?

With the economic issues in our world today, do you plan on saving or spending your entire tax refunds? Do you have other plans in utilizing your tax refund? Mnay of us would normally take our tax refund and do one of the following or a combination of the listed options below:

  • go shopping for ourselves
  • start early holiday shopping for upcoming holidays
  • help love ones with their shortage to get out of debt

Yet, there are very few people who attempt to start a savings account. The opportunities available to spend the tax refund are very wide. Some of the options include:

  • opening a savings account
  • start a childcare funding account
  • save funds for a start up business
  • invest in some real estate property to lease or rent

For more keypoints on using your tax refund, visit How to Use My Tax Refund! What will you use your tax refund for ?


Online Auctions

Do you enjoy saving as you shop?

Do you enjoy online auctions?

Many of us today are on a budget. We are paying more attention to our spending habits. We are also shopping around for the best prices! If you enjoy shopping and purchasing merchandise at the lowest cost possible, then you will love this website to find products that interest you at rock bottom prices.

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Home Insurance and Burgularies

Did you know that one- third of the burgularies walk through the front door?

Security devices can often lower our insurance premiums, but a study shows many of us don’t even bother to lock our doors. We also increase our risk of our homes being burgularized by posting vacation pictures on social media sites. Do we really have to let the world know our every move through check ins and posting?

Majority of the burgularies take place because of those individuals that are welcomed to our homes or just a friendly visit of one we know. Some of the visits are of someone who is tagging along with the person we know. But, we don’t know that individually personally ourselves. With those type of visitors, you will frquently get the question “May I use your restroom?” Well, you don’t want to be rude and say “No”. So, you reply, “sure’.

As you notice the individual taking so long, you begin to walk towards the bathroom to find that the individual is roaming through your house as if he/she is lost or can’t find their way back to the front room.

To protect ourselves and our family, we must take the necessary precautions in keeping certian information private. Therefore, we will reduce the chances of us and our love ones becoming victims of burgularization by strangers. Are you taking the necessary step in protecting your family from burgularization?

Employers Downsizing

Is your employer downsizing?

Are you witnessing more layoffs?

I don’t know id you’re being affected by the new employers’ way of getting tasks completed. Have you head of the “do more work with less people”? Well, this is a new strategy most employees are implementing. This idea may seem like a good idea for the employer, but it can cause the employees to be distressed. It can also cause employers to:

  • seek other employement
  • begin to call in frequently
  • become stressed

To avoid having distressed employees, there are companies who are offering their assistance to employers. But, there are employers who are undergoing budget cuts. So, outsourcing for any kind of service isn’t on their agenda at the time. Many of them believe it is cheaper to distribute added duties and more workload on the current staff. What’s your opinion on the “more work with less people concept?”

Benefits of a Stay at Home Parent

Do you know of a stay at home parent?

Have you heard of a stay at home dad?


The “Benefits of a Stay at Home Parent” by David mentions how Lance worked as a sixth grade teacher earning a salary of nearly 45,000. He left his career to be a stay at home dad. He was wanting to be involved in his boys early milestone. He figured the cost of a nanny was very expensive. If parent s have sat down and analyzed the cost, childcare is very expensive nowadays.

Lance’s wife corporate job serves as a financial cushion. Being a stay at home parent have many benefits such as:

  • parents have more time to spend with family
  • children receive the sufficient amount of attention needed from a parent
  • more time to tend to house chores

Due to economic issues many Americans are facing today, it is highly needed that both parents work in order to make it . In some cases, both parents may come to the agreement that one of their income is suitable to cover all the bills along with any savings or other forms of financial resources. After comparing prices for childcare and hiring a nanny, parents may realize the amount of money that can be saved if one of the parents can afford to be at home with the kids.

Affordable Care Act

Are you knowledgeable of the Affordable Care Act?

How will the Affordable Care Act Affect You?

The healthcare industry is very shaky at the moment. People are wondering how to determine the best plan that suits them. There are many questions that are being asked such as:

  1. What’s included in the plan?
  2. What’s allowed and now allowed by insurance provider?
  3. Who are exempt from the mandatory rule?

Well, allow me to start with what insurance providers can’t do which includes:

  1. Can’t deny coverage for pre-existing conditions
  2. Can’t limit coverage for clinical trials
  3. Can’t charge more for women
  4. Can’t put a dollar limit on annual benefits
  5. Can’t make you wait for too long
  6. Can’t skimp on essential benefits
  7. Can’t make you pay too much out of pocket

Health Care Plan-2014

Do you have health insurance?

Do you know what’s the best plan for you?

Starting in 2014, the federal government will require you to have health insurance. The Affordable Care Act requires states to set up competitive health insurance Marketplaces called “Exchange”. The federal government will set up exchanges that instates that don’t set up their own. The exchanges will offer websites where you can compare health insurance plans and prices and buy coverage online. You will also see do you qualify for government funded insurance programs or government subsidies to help you afford health insurance premiums.

On the other hand, there will be health insurance companies and brokers who will sell plans directly to consumers through their own websites and call centers. I can only imagine how overwhelming this process is going to be for others especially our elders who are not familiar with the basic concepts of even using a computer. Not only our elderly, we have middle age adults who are not a fan of a computer and are not computer literate at all. So, I am hoping there are knowledgeable and informative people in place to make this process smooth for those who don’t even use a computer. There will be people all over the world and in various counties who will be seeking assistance. So are you ready for this process and how will this process affect you?