The Tricks for Drinking More Water Each Day

Have you ever had the desire to drink more water?

Have you ever tried to increase your water consumption, but just could not?


Do you drink water often? We all know drinking water is very important. From reading, water make up over 80% of our body mass. Well, have you thought of some ways to trick yourself into drinking more water. Well, there is an article that provide tips to help us drink more water. The tips are listed below:

  1. Find your water bottle soul mate
  2. Stock up on lemons
  3. Put it on ice
  4. Buy Straws
  5. Drink first thing  in the morning

The most 2 helpful tricks listed below for me would be stock up on lemons and drink water first thing in the morning. Stocking up on lemons is a good trick for me to drink water because water doesn’t have a taste. I guess my taste buds are so use to something sweet or salty. So, adding lemons to my water would be great because it would provide a taste. Secondly, drinking water in the morning would be helpful especially if a bottle could be the first thing I get my hand on in the morning. For more information on the ways you can trick yuorself into drinking more water can be found at 5 Tricks for Drinking More Water.


One thought on “The Tricks for Drinking More Water Each Day

  1. Hey friend. So proud of you…keep up the good work. Need a good friend like you right now…life has been a bit tough lately and just need someone positive for some encouragement to help me through this time in my life. Hope to hear from you soon. Love you :-*

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