Tricks to Saving More

Do you find it difficult to save?

Are you at least attempting to save?

Do you have a budget? Many people find it difficult to save? Saving is a form of financial discplinig yourself. We are quick to spend, but we are slow to document our transactions. Well, it only take a second to document our transactions which avoids non sufficient fees . I was reading an article by Donna Freedman titled “ 9 Great Tricks to Saving More“. Imagine saving $2-$5/ week, that is extra money one would not imagine just by a simple action.If more people saved or knew some of the basic concepts of saving, some of the financial issues experienced currently could be avoided.

So are you experiencing debt or any kind of financial crisis? Choose today to step up and gain possession over your finances. You can also read more of  the article by clicking 9 Great Tricks to Saving More“.


No Funeral Money, What to Do?

Do you know of someone who didn’t have any funeral money to bury their love one?

Do you know of someone who had life insurance coverage, but allowed it to cancel?

I found myself reading an article by Geoff Williams titled, “No Funeral money, What To Do?” That is a very serious question that most people don’t ask themselves until it is time to face that moment of sorrow and pain. Geoff states how there are more cremation memeorial services taken place throughout the United States that an actual funeral.Most people favor cremation because it is least expensive. I understand cremation is inexpensive. But, I would not want my loved one burned to ashes- it would just be a hard and difficult moment to even witness such a memorial. Therefore, I would make sure the proper amount of insurance has been put in place to cover all expenses. Many people classify funeral as a homegoing ceremonial because the individual won’t have to suffer or go through the afflictions they have been experiencing. The article states how most people are prepaying for memorial services because of their current financial situation and they don’t know how their finances would look in the future so they prepay. Well, I would be skeptical of prepaying because I don’t know if that funeral home I paid my money to would be in business during the time of that love one’s death. These are decisions we all have to sit down and make at some period of time. So, if you have not already made these decisions, start today to begin preparing.

Download Your Favorite Song

Do you find it time concuming to keep up with the newest music releases?

Do it appear to be overwhelming trying to keep up with your favorite artist?

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What type of music do you enjoy? What kind of mood your favorite music put you in?  We all enjoy some style of music. But, there are times when it can be overwheming to keep up with the new artists and releases. Well, allow me to share with you a place where you can find out all the latest music. You can also find out more about the artists, bands, and news in general as it relates to music. Have you heard of TuneCity? A place that gives an audience a  music store with various music available. It also gives artists, bands, and record company labels and opportunity to be empowered. So, find your favorite song by clicking “ Dowload My Favorite Song“- You’ll be glad you did!

Avoiding the Perils of Wi-Fi

Are you aware of some of the consequences of using Wi-Fi?


Have you ever used Wi-Fi on your device in a public facility? Did you know some of the consequences of using Wi-Fi in that area? Many of us use Wi-Fi because it is quick, convenient, easy access, and it is simple especially when we are busy and on the riun all the time. From reading an article by Mitch Lipka, I have learned Wi-Fi usage in public areas can become an open door to become victimized. As Wi-Fi users, we must be cautious and realize our passwords and identity can be stolen.

It is highly suggested that you log out after using your account. You can find more information on the benefits and the hazards of using Wi-Fi by visiting “Avoiding the Perilsof Wi-Fi

Traveling and Saving

traveling, savingsHave you been looking forward to a vacation?

Are you ready to get away?

Well, claim the traveling savings you deserve to make your vacation worthy of taking! What is a vacation if you don’t have enough money to shop? Don’t be selfish! Help family and friends save on their upcoming vacations by providing them with your traveling website in which they will experience savings on their traveling expenses in addition to cash back where cash back opportunities are offered. We all need a vacation! But, there is nothing like having your own personal software/app to schedule your own trips and vacations. To find out more information on saving on your traveling expenses, visit MyFunTrip Today!