Firing Your Boss



Have you ever thought about firing your boss? I know that phrase sounds funny, but it can become reality. With all the opportunities available, firing your boss is not just a funny saying! It can be become reality if you have the patience, time, and creativity to put forth effort into a given task. Why would you fire your boss? Many people would fire his/her boss for various reasons including:

  • wanting financial freedom
  • wanting to be their own boss
  • wanting more time with family and friends

Imagine going to work and telling your boss “You Are Fired”. It would be the most funniest and enjoyable thing to do. Could you just imagine the reaction or facial expression of your boss face? First, your boss would not believe you at all. Secondly, as a boss feeling empowered he/she would think you have lost your mind. I am quite sure everyone is working towards that point in life when they can fire their boss. Since we are living in a country that is known for citizens to live paycheck to paycheck and experience lack and poverty, a boss truly would not believe the words that will come out of your mouth yelling, “You are fired”. Yes, it maybe confusing to your boss. But, I know as an individual who has been a hard worker for years. This would be the most joyous time of your life. So, if you are ready to fire your boss, Click Here Fire My Boss Today


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