YouTube Marketing for Authors

ImageHave you ever created a book trailer, or any YouTube video for that matter, to promote your writing?


You might want to consider it, and here’s why:

We live in a visual world.

It’s that simple. Most people are more likely to watch a short video clip about a book or product, then they are to read a review. That’s a fact that authors shouldn’t overlook. Yes, many of us are shy or don’t think we own the right equipment to produce a high quality video, but in all honesty, it’s much easier then most of us realize.

I recently read a short PDF report by Shelley Hitz that listed 50 different YouTube book marketing strategies for authors. 50!The best part is, you don’t have to have fancy equipment to start making videos. Most computers come with free video making software that you can use to put music, photos, and words together with to create professional looking videos about your books. Or you can even use free screencasting software to record a PowerPoint slide show.

For detailed information about creating your own YouTube Video, visit  YouTube video,


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