Focus on What You Have Left Instead of t

Focus on What You Have Left Instead of the Lack

While given the opportunity to live another day, many people focus on the lacking in their lives and begin to complain about situations that are causing them to be uncomfortable.

As human beings who sit and think about life, we have two options regarding our current situation in which we control the outcome. Our two options are:

-I am going to complain and be pessimistic throughout life events
-I am going to remain optimistic about the situation because I know the outcome is much rewarding than what I am currently experiencing

After taking those two options into consideration, I prefer being optimistic because being optimistic in the midst of the most chaotic situation you could ever face serve as faith in a rewarding outcome even when the event doesn’t look so rewarding.

Did you know that the mind is the most powerful organ connected to a human being? Did you know what you think serves as to what your reaction would be when faced with an obstacle or unlovely situation that requires:

-self- discipline

Have you ever heard of the saying” The mind is a terrible thing to waste?” Well, it got to be something spectacular about the mind that it is not a good idea to waste the mind. So, I would like to encourage someone today that despite of what it looks like, you should remain optimistic and seek a rewarding outcome. Continue to stand in the midst of the most ugliest situations!


One thought on “Focus on What You Have Left Instead of t

  1. Amen Tamarah. Never a more TRUE Outlook on life than that!! 🙂

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