Blogging From Homeless and Helpless to Happy and Healthy

Is there a particular reason why you blog? What point do you expect to get across through blogging? Why did you start blogging?

I know that I would be amazed to hear all the answers that I would receive . But, there are many who start blogging as a hobby. In addition, there are people who began blogging because they saw all the beneficial information that was being shared and wanted to share information with others in return.

On the other hand, there are other people who started blogging because they were forced into blogging. There are people who worked in huge corporations and later got laid off without notice or with a very short notice. Imagine his or her life without a job, without income, without anywhere to stay. Yet, they did not give up, they worked with the resources that they had in their possession. They begun to take what appeared to be nothing and made it out of something. There were some people who were just left with a computer but living out of their car. They didn’t complain about what they didn’t have. Yet, they worked with that one computer as they lived in their van or car.

That individual connected with someone else who shared information. There were secrets being revealed. Secrets that were being revealed were kept from the ordinary person like you and I. But, there are some people who are willing to search and continue to search as well as press on until they have reached their destination.

Do you have secrets within you that you need to release that will help others? Don’t keep them a secret, allow them to be released because you don’t know how helpful that information is to someone else who has been seeking and searching for a long time.

I have known of many people who were homeless and helpless, but found a home and hope through blogging. Choose today to reveal your secrets to help others.

Visit Reveal My Secrets for more information on how to reach out to others!


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