Firing Your Boss



Have you ever thought about firing your boss? I know that phrase sounds funny, but it can become reality. With all the opportunities available, firing your boss is not just a funny saying! It can be become reality if you have the patience, time, and creativity to put forth effort into a given task. Why would you fire your boss? Many people would fire his/her boss for various reasons including:

  • wanting financial freedom
  • wanting to be their own boss
  • wanting more time with family and friends

Imagine going to work and telling your boss “You Are Fired”. It would be the most funniest and enjoyable thing to do. Could you just imagine the reaction or facial expression of your boss face? First, your boss would not believe you at all. Secondly, as a boss feeling empowered he/she would think you have lost your mind. I am quite sure everyone is working towards that point in life when they can fire their boss. Since we are living in a country that is known for citizens to live paycheck to paycheck and experience lack and poverty, a boss truly would not believe the words that will come out of your mouth yelling, “You are fired”. Yes, it maybe confusing to your boss. But, I know as an individual who has been a hard worker for years. This would be the most joyous time of your life. So, if you are ready to fire your boss, Click Here Fire My Boss Today


Music Composer Tamarah Mack

Do you enjoy music ?

How often do you listen to music?

I have enjoyed writing poetry which has influenced my songwriting. After searching and comparing the prices for music beats for my lyrics, I became interested in composing my own instrumentals for my songs. I enjoy music of various genres. Music can put you in various moods. As I noticed how expensive music beats are, I begun studying and learning how to use music software. After reading and experimenting, I decided to create me a home studio in which I begun composing beats. I created  this animated video to introduce myself as well as some of the work that I do. Also, this video was designed to make you laugh so Enjoy!

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Drinks: New Energy Drink

Do you like energy drinks?

Do you find yourself needing energy throughout your work day?


According to Packaging Digest, 2012 sales of energy drinks and shots top $12.5 billion. Could you imagine the consumption of energy drinks daily? It is totally mind blowing. Many are familiar with the current energy drinks available. But, I am proud to introduce to you a more energizing product, a new and tasty product that the brand that is about to be mentioned has been known to many of us for many years.

Have you heard of the Playboy Magazine? Well, allow me to introduce the new and tasty Playboy Energy Drink. This energy drink has recently launched and it is an amazing product to be proud of having access to. This is not just your ordinary energy drink. This is an energy drink that is an energy drink and can be used for mixed drinks.

Yes, there are mixed drinks that can be made using the new Playboy Energy Drink. Have you heard of the Bouncing Bunny or the Girl Next Door? Well, I don’t know no other energy drink that is providing you with mixed drinks recipes.

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Tired of Financial Burdens

Are you experiencing financial burdens?

Have you been searching for a legitimate additional income opportunity?

We all have found ourselves searching and searching. We have all experienced a devastating event in our lives that has us searching and seeking for opportunities to earn additional income or maybe income in general. We all have a story to tell that has brought us to this point in life. Yes, our stories are very touching and lessons learned on how to be stronger and do things better. Most of the events have occurred in our lives for us to be strengthened and to discover gifts and talents within us that we were unaware of. For us, we wouldn’t have known what we have within if we didn’t experience an event to bring it out. I have heard many testimonials, but this one has been very touching !

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Start Your Own Jewelry Boutique

Have you ever wanted to start your own jewelry store?

Was money a hindrance?


Have you ever sat and jotted down a list of ideas or a list of projects you wanted to complete that included having your own jewelry store? But, you sat all those dreams and ideas to the side because of money. Well, I am about to share an opportunity with you that has been a wonderful opportunity that was shared with me. I was so thankful to receive this opportunity because I enjoy fashion and jewelry is a hot item for me as I shop. All the days when you concluded that money was a hindrance in starting your jewelry boutique, those days are considered the past as of today. The benefits of this opportunity includes:

  • no fees involved (no start up and no monthly fees) “No Money Investment”
  • naming your own jewelry boutique
  • it is online so there is no need for permits, licenses,taxes, and overhead
  • earn unlimited income through your own purchases and purchases of family, friends, and others
  • no inventory on hand
  • receive savings on your purchase to have for your personal display

I have really enjoyed the opportunity to have my own online jewelry boutique in which I shop at my own store. Family, friends, and others enjoy shopping at my store. I have shopped at my online jewelry boutique store and was surprised and impressed with my purchase. Imagine receiving a box all neatly packed covered by a ribbon  and when you open you see the words “Hey Gorgeous”. Just to see those words written inside box, made me want to shop over and over because it was something different and unique. The extra income earned has been mind blowing because I didn’t realize how easy it was to just to forward people to my website and they like what they see. I did not even have to lift a finger other than to log in and check my earnings. Just through word of mouth has earned me additional income that I wouldn’t even  imagine.

So allow me to share this same opportunity with you. Every one can use additional income and if you always wanted  to start your own jewelry boutique or you enjoy shopping, start your own jewelry boutique with no fees to start and no fees to worry about every month. This is an opportunity you don’t want to overlook,

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Health: The Energizer Bunny


Do you need energy to become energized?

Do you feel like your health is deteriorating because of anxiety?

Advertising: The Energizer BUnny

Have you ever felt so drained that you could barely make a move from one place to another? How did you overcome that feeling? Did you take a pill? Did you go to the nearby gas station to purchase an energy drink for revitalization?

Well, I have not been so excited than a time like this. I have been sharing with everyone about the newly launched energy drink. Have you heard about it yet? I am talking about the new Playboy Energy Drink. Not only do I recommend it to others, but I drink it as well. I am proud to say that it will truly give you a boost and more. This drink makes one feel above the energized level they were seeking for. What is so cool about the new Playboy Energy Drink is that it offers an extra feature as a new product. Many of us enjoy that time of relaxation from a long day of work or just entertaining the kids until they go to sleep. The new Playboy Energy Drink offers mixed drink recipes such as:

  • The Bouncing Bunny
  • The Girl Next Door
  • The Redhead
  • and many more

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Blogging: Enhance Your Blogging Skills

Are you a blogger? Are you trying to set up a blog?

I know the information that is available can be overwhelming from the SEO, to the correct keywords to choose, to the right Category for your blog. But, once every thing is straight and all the humps and bumps are overcame, did you know blogging is easy.

We all have so much to talk about.Being able to share those ideas with others along with pictures with millions throughout the world is awesome and very convenient for us as bloggers. Did you also know that a steady stream of income can be earned blogging? Yes, people are paying for what you shared. Imagine a post receive a steady stream of income because it helped someone! Therefore, share with others your comments, photos, experiences with companies, and traveling experiences that may benefit others. 

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