Why I Became an Empower Network Customer

Have you ever heard of a product or service and became extremely excited because of all the benefits it has to offer you? Have you ever started blogging, but felt as if you were not getting the full effect and there was something missing? Did you ever feel alone and disappointed of a product because it wasn’t what you thought it would be, but you kept spending money on pieces of systems that never worked as it related to your business?

You may be embarrassed to answer the questions listed above. But, it is okay because we have all failed at some point of time in life. Well, I admit that I have experienced all those scenarios. I admit that I have struggled, but I kept searching and searching. After all my searching, I was introduced to Empower Network by a co-worker. So, I joined to see what it had to offer. I thought why not because I have been constantly spending money on non-working products. Remember the saying “Don’t knock it until you try it”. I am not knocking the opportunity of being a customer of Empower Network because I made a step and that was to give it a try.

Just from watching the videos, I have felt a unexplainable feeling- a feeling as if I have won the lottery. In addition, it has been like missing puzzle pieces are coming together. At one point, it felt like I was searching for all the missing pieces. But, I feel like I have truly become a winner at this present time. I was basically already doing the basic concept of Empower Network. But, watching the videos has already begun to assist me because I can improve in the needed areas and become advanced in what I am doing because of the simple straight to the point videos.

Goals have been set and projections have been made. Throughout the years, I have noticed

If you don’t set goals and maintain self-discipline, you cannot reach your potential level of success.
If you don’t follow the Core Videos concept, there is no way that your business will survive in today’s society
If you be lazy and abandon your business by not providing any action, get ready to experience failure

I joined for the following reasons:

To help others
To find out how to enhance my skills and knowledge as an entrepreneur
To have more time with family
To quit my full time job and work from home
To take a vacation that I have never had
To inspire those who I am connected with that there are solutions to their problems

I am truly excited and look forward in reaping the full benefits that Empower Network has to offer me. I know from this day forward that my life will never be the same. Even though I am just touching the surface, I already feel a change and a sense of comfortableness that I am already giving the company a thumbs up!

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