Spread Your Influence


I recently heard about the general manager of a car dealership getting let go because he failed to expand the companies influence. Not only did he lose his job, but because he himself didn’t have a strong influence he had a hard time finding a new job. Today’s world is all about influence, and it doesn’t seem to matter anymore what your chosen career path is, you have to expand your influence if you want to survive.

While the main focus in today’s society is the impact of social media, there is another way. While still rather new and misunderstood, self publishing is a powerful way to expand your reach and spread your influence.  Publishing a book allows you to reach people on a deeper level than social media, and can even connect you with people that you would never have met otherwise – it spreads your influence.  

Did you know that statistics show that 80% of people say that they want to write a book someday? 80%! That’s a lot of people. Prior to self publishing only a handful of those people would ever have the possibility of seeing that dream turn into a reality. It wasn’t because everyone else wasn’t good enough, or didn’t have a good message – it was simply a lack of connections, time, and availability. Traditional publishing companies can only publish so many books. They can’t take on more than their staff can chew, and that leaves a lot of talented people with a great book out in the cold… or at least it did.

Self publishing has brought those people hope. It’s made possible what before was only wishful thinking, and now thousands of authors are seeing their dreams come true. With print on demand technology, authors can publish their books with little or no upfront costs, and then with Amazon paving the way, they can spread their influence to reach hundreds or even thousands of people all over the world.

If you have ever dreamed of writing a book, or are looking for a way to spread your influence, I highly recommend watching Self Publishing Coach, Shelley Hitz’s. It’s a great place to start learning about the world of self publishing.


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