Poetry: Why

Are you curious about how some things work out in life? Ever felt like all your effort is overlooked or not taken in to consideration? I have! Therefore, I find myself wondering why on some of the events that occur.



Why is the unemployment rate extremely high?

Why our supposing supporters don’t want us to survive?

Why when I ask a question, I receive a lie?

Why the burdens are so heavy and others are tend to sigh?

Why are people giving up and throwing in the towel?

Why we can’t experience peace just for a little while?

Why is the violence increasing and things are out of control?

Why hard workers can’t receive assistance when we attempt to make it on our own?

Seems like laziness gets you everything- especially those who refuse to pick up a comb

All I do is work, search for answers, and put forth effort to try

All I want to know is Why? Why? Why?

Be Inspired!


2 thoughts on “Poetry: Why

  1. Great poem, I look forward to reading more. And always continue to ask: Why?

    I have a new writing blog that I created after self-publishing my first novel on the Kindle. Please check it out and share your writing experiences with me!

    • I checked out your blog and you have some inspiring writing and it is so true!! The information you share is so based on reality because many people are quick to blame circumstances on their reason for not reaching destiny or achieving in life overall without realizing they have power within themselves. Keep up the good work and the desire to inspire and encourage others. From reading, I could relate and your blog is so true!

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