Poetry: Sign of the Times



I would like to share a poem with you to encourage and inspire you not to be distracted by the events that are taking place. It is just a sign of the times of deliverance and happiness.

It is a sign of the times

Where there will be a battle between the greedy and the needy

A battle between the hard workers and those who enjoy the freebies

Those who have been working extremely hard all of these years

Get ready! Get ready! Someone is about to pay for those tears!

It is a joyous time for us, but a depressing time for others

Control Control, we can barely choose our own lovers

Things may seem like a desert right now

But, continue to look up-  no time to look down

Refuse to be distracted because the world appear to be spiritually dying- but everything will be just fine

Don’t fret, you’re taken care of, it’s just a sign of the times


One thought on “Poetry: Sign of the Times

  1. Amen Tamarah! ! It’s absolutely up too us too realize we’re taken care of…he wants us to need him!!

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