Poetry: Rise Up

I enjoy writing poetry and would like to share a poem with you to encourage you that you must take upon the responsibility that has been placed on your life to discover your purpose of living in this world. This poem is entitle, “Rise Up”.


Rise up to be the leader you were destined to be

Situations may become uncomfortable, but you already have victory

Don’t allow words and the opinions of others deteriorate your faith

They can sense your purpose in life- they don’t want you to reach that special day

That day of Jubilee Celebration when there won’t be a struggle

You’ll be able to look back and then look forward and yell “ It’s All Over”

Don’t give in and never give up

But this one thing is your calling and that is to I Rise Up


2 thoughts on “Poetry: Rise Up

  1. If u can could u stop by…I’m at work. Love to see your face 😉

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