Music for the Soul and Career

ImageAre you one who just love relaxing music to soothe the mind? Are you an artist who is seeking instrumentals beats to start your music career? or Do you know someone who is seeking instrumentals for his/her singing career. Why come this far with a dream or goal of composing a hit song and throw your idea to the side because you lack that special instrumental beat to accompany those inspirational lyrics.

Allow me to be an assistance to you in regards to making your dream become reality. No matter of the genre, a great work has been started that will continue to expand as I inspire someone’s life as well as career through instrumental music beats.

This is not the time to procrastinate. I believe if you dreamed it, you can achieve it despite of the circumstances.

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Poetry: Why

Are you curious about how some things work out in life? Ever felt like all your effort is overlooked or not taken in to consideration? I have! Therefore, I find myself wondering why on some of the events that occur.



Why is the unemployment rate extremely high?

Why our supposing supporters don’t want us to survive?

Why when I ask a question, I receive a lie?

Why the burdens are so heavy and others are tend to sigh?

Why are people giving up and throwing in the towel?

Why we can’t experience peace just for a little while?

Why is the violence increasing and things are out of control?

Why hard workers can’t receive assistance when we attempt to make it on our own?

Seems like laziness gets you everything- especially those who refuse to pick up a comb

All I do is work, search for answers, and put forth effort to try

All I want to know is Why? Why? Why?

Be Inspired!

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Poetry: Sign of the Times



I would like to share a poem with you to encourage and inspire you not to be distracted by the events that are taking place. It is just a sign of the times of deliverance and happiness.

It is a sign of the times

Where there will be a battle between the greedy and the needy

A battle between the hard workers and those who enjoy the freebies

Those who have been working extremely hard all of these years

Get ready! Get ready! Someone is about to pay for those tears!

It is a joyous time for us, but a depressing time for others

Control Control, we can barely choose our own lovers

Things may seem like a desert right now

But, continue to look up-  no time to look down

Refuse to be distracted because the world appear to be spiritually dying- but everything will be just fine

Don’t fret, you’re taken care of, it’s just a sign of the times

Poetry: Rise Up

I enjoy writing poetry and would like to share a poem with you to encourage you that you must take upon the responsibility that has been placed on your life to discover your purpose of living in this world. This poem is entitle, “Rise Up”.


Rise up to be the leader you were destined to be

Situations may become uncomfortable, but you already have victory

Don’t allow words and the opinions of others deteriorate your faith

They can sense your purpose in life- they don’t want you to reach that special day

That day of Jubilee Celebration when there won’t be a struggle

You’ll be able to look back and then look forward and yell “ It’s All Over”

Don’t give in and never give up

But this one thing is your calling and that is to I Rise Up