Poetry: It’s Not Over


Despite of what it looks like or whatever you may see
The promises of God, I am leaning on because I believe
The most ugliest situations that may cause me moments of darkness
The struggles and different moments got my enemies having a fest
Smiling – thinking they are on top and just celebrating during my calamity
Having a parade because of the hardships in my life, they see
Well, I just keep it moving because I know there’s victory in the midst of this storm for me
Better days and better times, I am declaring that I will see
Why should you be discouraged? Why should you hold your head down?
Why should I allow the enemy keep me imprisoned and bound?
Why should I faint?
Why should I react to the nonsense of the enemy- making something big out of something that really ain’t
Have you heard the fat lady sing- I haven’t heard a word
A voice keep telling me “ You and I are children of the shepherd”
Yes, the burdens may get a little heavy and you begin to look over your shoulder
We are due marvelous and wonderful things out of this life- It’s Not Over!


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