Mother’s Day

woman with baby

Mothers! It is a privilege and honor to have a mother. They are the most charming people. When I think about Mother’s Day, I just wish that I can give my mother the world.

As one being raised in a single parent household, it wasn’t easy at all. Seeing my mother working 2 and 3 jobs to provide for me allowed me to open my eyes to how strong and determined my mother was. She sought temporary government assistance during those days. Yet to be rejected with final response to her application that she makes too much money when minimum ways wasn’t anything but $3.00 or $4.00. Witnessing how she didn’t stop and accepted the perception that life is over because there’s no type of assistance that she qualified for. But, it appeared the rejection made her a stronger person in which she showed her determination to work extremely hard as well as finish her education in the midst to make sure her family was taken care of. I had all my necessities and majority of the things that I wanted.

On the other hand, there wasn’t no hand me downs in my household. My brother and I would receive challenges from my mother regarding our grades. I always looked forward to those $50 and $100 challenges-waiting to see who would land on honor roll and principal honor roll during our time as elementary through high school students. She set the path that you must work extremely hard and earn the things out of life that you desired and wanted. She set the blueprint of determination, willingness, and endurance. She set rules to abide by along with the proper discipline if those rules were broken. She stressed the importance of education – there will be a high school diploma and at least 1 degree in an interest field obtained with no exceptions.
As of today, I am so appreciative of the raising of my single parent mother who has done an awesome job. Since my city is so small, everyone who sees us together frequently always think we are sisters. People tend to tease me about still hanging with my mother. But, I overlook the teasing because it is a privilege and an honor to still have the one in my life who has played an important role on my success as an author, pharmacy technician, songwriter, music composer, math tutor, and inspirer to others that they will make it through each and every obstacle or storm.

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Poetry: It’s Not Over


Despite of what it looks like or whatever you may see
The promises of God, I am leaning on because I believe
The most ugliest situations that may cause me moments of darkness
The struggles and different moments got my enemies having a fest
Smiling – thinking they are on top and just celebrating during my calamity
Having a parade because of the hardships in my life, they see
Well, I just keep it moving because I know there’s victory in the midst of this storm for me
Better days and better times, I am declaring that I will see
Why should you be discouraged? Why should you hold your head down?
Why should I allow the enemy keep me imprisoned and bound?
Why should I faint?
Why should I react to the nonsense of the enemy- making something big out of something that really ain’t
Have you heard the fat lady sing- I haven’t heard a word
A voice keep telling me “ You and I are children of the shepherd”
Yes, the burdens may get a little heavy and you begin to look over your shoulder
We are due marvelous and wonderful things out of this life- It’s Not Over!

Poetry: He’s My Everything

jesus with cross

Have you ever seen a man that can do so much? His hands are so powerful, have you ever felt his loving touch? He is a lawyer and judge in a courtroom; he keeps me protected throughout the night and noon;

Have you seen one person who can be everywhere? To show those who are lost that he really does care. He is a doctor when you need a healing, he doesn’t mind showing others that he is willing. He can be a grocery store when you need food and allow you to stay calm when people act so rude;

He is a supervisor when you need a promotion; his spirit is smooth and calm as the ocean. He is a bank when you need money, he will make your broke days sunny;

He will swamp you with blessings that you wouldn’t believe; on his shoulder, you can always lean. I am so proud to say, “He is my everything.”

Poetry: He Knows Your Name

He Knows Your Name

Do you feel forgotten? No one wants to give you a helping hand?
Doubting if you’ll ever feel better, remember the one who created the universe, sea, and the land;

You are thinking no one feels your pain, yes, there is someone who bore your hurt
and there is someone who’s watching over you and he acknowledges all your efforts and hard work;

You’re wondering why you have to undergo such turmoil feeling like you shouldn’t be here, but you are.
It was his plan and purpose that he allowed you to make it this far;

Although you may have felt wounded, heartbroken and spiritually lame;
don’t ever feel that you are alone, because he knows your name.