Prayer in Public Places

prayer hands surrounding by branches

Should prayer be banned from public places? Public places where prayer was once acceptable such as: football fields before a game, in schools, and in the gymnasiums before starting a basketball game.
Prayers were prayed in schools for safety. The prayers that were prayed probably included: hope for success as students take exams. With students having the faith as they attempt to master essential exams, they begin to feel relaxed and confident. After saying a prayer, students would feel empowered. Now, our students feel hopeless, helpless, and afraid. They feel left alone with no support. Therefore, they become uninterested in learning due to the lack of support and guidance.
Prayers before games have been prayed with the intentions of winning-having the victory over competitors. Prayers were prayed for the following reasons:

• so players will not be injured while on the field or basketball court
• that the coach would receive spiritual guidance and direction while calling plays
• that each family would make it home safely

Overall, there is only one God and one nation. With authority given to man, our world has been segregated in various areas such as:
• Religion
• Financial Status
• Race
• Classification of Illness
• Neighborhoods

When all the separation is completed, we are still one. I just love the phrase from my belated pastor who would say, “If you get a knife and cut us all, we all bleed red blood”. Prayer is the answer to all things. It has been the key for me and it is highly needed in our lives daily. Personally, it helps to build my faith. Despite of what’s going on in the world, I say a prayer and I begin to feel content and I become renewed as well as strengthened each and every day. It is not too late, we need prayer back into our public places.


One thought on “Prayer in Public Places

  1. Well put and I totally agree

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