How Has Facebook Helped You?

How has Facebook helped you? Facebook has helped me tremendously. This awesome social networking site has helped me to:

• Reunite with classmates from elementary to high school
• Reunite with family members that I haven’t seen in years
• Locate people nationally who are like minded

Reuniting with fellow classmates has been incredible. To see how my classmates have loss weight or gained weight has been very interesting. It is amazing to see those who have started families and those who have gotten married. Most of all, it amazing to see how some classmates have married other classmates. It is so amazing and thrilled to see especially when they were classmates who didn’t like each other or were always in little high school love quarrels. With the feature of tagging their beautiful and hilarious pictures that others can see. Overall, it is a great thing to know that my classmates are alive and doing well.
Getting in contact with family members that I haven’t seen in years has been my primary usage of Facebook. At times, I begin to think about certain family members and wonder where are they

Facebook has helped me in finding relatives and coming in contact with family members I was unaware of. There have been numerous of times when I thought certain relatives were in still in our hometown state. But, they have moved on to another state or country due to a career change. Many have moved to other states because of the festivities it has to offer or due to marriage decisions.

Being able to connect with like minded people who has been a unique tool Facebook offer to users. It is very helpful to connect with like mnded people because of the feedback and the help that can be received when working on various projects. I am so willing to listen to what others has to say and try to make the process of completing my projects as simple as possible. So, there is nothing more helpful than others posting valuable information to see completed projects before me.

Overall, Facebook has been a valuable tool in my life. I am so thankful of the progress of technology.


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