Guest Blogging Etiquette

1. Stay on topic – If they ask you to write about something (no matter how broad or narrow the category) stay on topic! Don’t agree if you can’t write about what they are asking. It’s that simple.

2. Know your definitions – If you are asked to be a guest blogger, know what they want from you. A guest blogger writes a post to be posted on someone else’s blog. A blog interview is where you answer questions to be posted on someone’s blog, and a feature is when they blog about you. It’s important for you to know the differences.

3. Mind the details – If they ask for a 500 word post, get as close as possible without being insanely shorter or longer. If they don’t specify, you may want to check if it matters. If they ask for a picture, be sure to send one. If they ask for an author bio, include one. Following instructions is of utmost importance.

4. Be on time – No one likes a no-show! If you commit to getting them a blog by such and such of date, do so. If something does comes up where you won’t be able to meet the deadline, at least be courteous enough to let them know and offer an apology.

5. Link it up- Let your followers know that you will be guest blogging at so and so’s blog on such and such of dates, and share their link. They are giving you free advertising, pay them back by doing the same for them. Once your post is up, share the link with your followers on Facebook, Twitter and the like

To start Guest Blogging, visit Guest Blogging Etiquette


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