Don’t Procrastinate, Get It Done Now!

Get Your Kindle eBook Done!


One of the hardest parts about being a writer is actually doing something with our writing. Writing is what comes naturally to us, but the formatting, publishing and marketing industry? Now that’s another story. However, if we actually want to see our writing prosper, it is a must. That is one of the main reasons why I want to recommend to you a product by Shelley Hitz entitled “Get Your Kindle eBook Done!” Shelley has laid out not only the benefits and process of publishing an eBook, but also disclosed some great tips for helping your book to succeed.

You’ll get instant access to download tons of practical information and tools to help you successfully publish your book to Kindle.  The featured report outlines the benefits of publishing on Kindle, ideas and tips for writing a Kindle eBook, formatting guidelines, details about the submission process, promotion tips, as well as other great information. Besides the report, she has included videos to walk you through formatting and publishing, a step-by-step guide to keep you on track, a copy of the webinar that she gave on this topic, and a template that is formatted for Kindle use.

Shelley has went above and beyond to cover every aspect of publishing an eBook. To top it off, all of this information is presented in a format that is easy to use and understand. The combination of text and video is amazingly helpful, and the way it is arranged makes it easy to go back and reference topics as need.  If you are considering publishing an eBook for the first time or just looking to improve your current knowledge in this area, I can’t recommend this product enough! Click here to get started today:  Get Your Kindle eBook Done!


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