Finishing Your Novel

I love the resources that Self Publishing Coach, Shelley Hitz has to offer, and I’m especially excited about her newest training, “Finish Your Novel.” This is the first training that she has that is specifically directed to Fiction authors. Why? Because Shelley is just now working on her first fiction book. She has been getting e-mails for years from fiction authors with one question in mind, “How do I finish my novel?” She now understands exactly what they have been going through and wanted to provide them with the answers that they have been looking for. Of course, one fiction book doesn’t qualify someone to train others to do it, so she paired up with Dave K. Dave has authored over a dozen fiction novels, and ghostwritten 5 others – so he knows what it takes to get a novel done, and he was more than willing to help Shelley and her customers out.

Click Here to Finish Your Novel Today!

Click Here to Finish Your Novel Today!

This training is great because it covers topics such as:

• Finding motivation and inspiration in almost every aspect of your writing

• Organizing your thoughts

• Keeping your passion for writing high

• Avoiding the dreaded writer’s block

• Keeping your momentum going, so you can finish what you started

• Sparking your creativity to improve your writing

• Moving your writing forward every day, so you don’t get stuck

• Scheduling your creative time daily

• Establishing great writing habits

• Crystallizing your thoughts, plots and scenes

• Developing your main characters

• Fleshing out and enrich your writing

• And so much more!

Honestly, even non-fiction authors would get a lot out of this training! The best part of this training is that for the first 48 hours, Shelley is practically giving it away for only $17. After that, the price will go up to $27, so I suggest that you save $10 now and visit: Finish Your Novel


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