Reading: Are You a Reader?

Do you read often or occassionally? What book category or categories mainly interest you? Well, Iread often. The categories that interest me are the following:

  • Books of prayer
  • Cookbooks
  • Books of inspiration

Books of prayer are essential in my life. For there is so many forces of hinderances that tend to come my way to cause discouragement, anxiety, and low self-esteem. At the same time, I may attempt to resolve the issues in my own way. But, many of times I find out that my way is not always the solution. That’s why I carry books of prayer in my purse. Therefore, I have easy access when I experience hindering forces that attempt to see me suppressed. There is no better answer than a scripture pertaining to the situation.

Cookbooks are so relaxing. There is no good feeling like allowing your hands to be crafty. Cooking various recipes stimulate the tastebuds as it prepare to taste tasty and different meals. It also keeps the mind focused as it attempts to follow various steps and procedures leading to a tasty dinner.

Finally, Inspirational books is one of my favorite categories. At times, I feel overwhelmed and discouraged. At the same time, I have the responsibility of encouraging and inspiring others. For me to stay uplifted, I enjoy inspirational poetry and inspirational quotes. Keeping an inspirational word in my spirit daily and meditating on it during my daily walk, helps me to make it through the day. Many people are looking for others to always encourage and inspire them. Like King David, there are times we have to encourage and inspire ourselves. Waiting on that inspirational or encouraging word from someone else may not be spoken in time. So, we must take the initiative to encourage and inspire ourselves daily. Will you choose to inspire yourself during and after this Christmas holiday? or you will continue to wait and seek inspirational and encouragement from others?

Include Inspirational Poems for the Storms as one of your inspirational book colections. Visit or



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