Encouragement:The Grinches Who Attempt to Steal Christmas

Are you aware there are grinches who will attempt to still your Christmas joy? Please, don’t allow the enemy to still your joy during this Christmas holiday. Don’t display any weakness towards the enemies’ demonic tactics. But, stand up and speak boldly for what you believe. Make it know what is unacceptable and acceptable. Show the grinches that you’re more than a conqueror and you’re not backing down. When the grinch witness the power within you that begun to display right in the midst of the evil tactics, the grinch will choose to flee because he/she notice strength, power, and authority being presented. Lets send a message to the grinches today that there is no tucking our tails nor running. Get Inspired! Be Inspired! and Stay Inspired! Visit www.zazzle.com/timetoinspire*


The Devil Don’t Want These Problems!



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