Poetry: Ole Dark Days

Inspirational Poems for the Storms by Tamarah Mack

Darkness surrounds me in every direction I turn
the dark clouds are hovering over my head, for
the Savior, I yearn; I cry out because my help is
beyond the hills.  I cry out hoping my voice reaches
where the Savior lives;

I cry out because I need to see the light and sunshine.
My Savior, I still praise thee in the midst of these dark times; ole dark days are just here for a short period of time—please remove the darkness and give me a peace of mind;


It is so dark till I don’t know whether to turn left or right.  It aggravates me when the days appear to be night; I am tossing and turning and I can’t even sleep, while lying down, blackness is all that I see;


I am walking through the tunnels and valleys trying to find my way, for the Almighty is the only one who can diminish these ole dark days.


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