Poetry: The Demonic Man That Bothers Me



The enemy roams to and fro seeking whom he may devour, but I was put on this earth to make his taste buds sour.  He seeks to cause heartaches and pain—this man is evil! I mean he is totally insane;

He seeks to cause disappointments in areas that I strive and strive; he seeks to see me dead, thank God I am still alive.  The enemy is real and so am I.  He keeps telling me, “I am not going to make it,” but he is a lie.  This man goes to the extreme in what he does, but I strive harder, for there is power in me that makes him like a car without a starter;

He seeks to cause stress, anxiety, bondage, and oppression; I refuse to bow down, for I plan to teach him a lesson.  I am taking back my health –I am free in Jesus name.  I am more than a conqueror and I have the victory;

It’s time to take back all that belongs to me and more; I am coming boldly to kick down Satan’s door.  To the doors of deliverance, abundance, and joy, I already have the key.  I speak aggressively,

“Get Out,” I’m speaking to the demonic man that bothers me.


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