Poetry: He’s My Everything

Have you ever seen a man that can do so much?  His hands are so powerful, have you ever felt his loving touch?  He is a lawyer and judge in a courtroom; he keeps me protected throughout the night and noon;

Have you seen one person who can be everywhere?  To show those who are lost that he really does care.  He is a doctor when you need a healing, he doesn’t mind showing others that he is willing.  He can be a grocery store when you need food and allow you to stay calm when people act so rude;

He is a supervisor when you need a promotion; his spirit is smooth and calm as the ocean.  He is a bank when you need money, he will make your broke days sunny;

He will swamp you with blessings that you wouldn’t believe; on his shoulder, you can always lean.  I am so proud to say, “He is my everything.”






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