Poetry: I Heard



I heard of the name, Jesus Christ, have you?  I am

a living witness of what he can do.  Known as the Alpha and Omega—the beginning and end, the one who has washed away all of my sins;

You may not believe it, but he has opened blinded eyes that can now see; he has broken chains off prisoners’ hands and feet.  Unstopped deaf ears that can now hear every word spoken, even the dead he has awaken;

He fed a multitude with two fishes and five loaves of bread; even performed miracles for those who have been shot in the head.  Many people should not be here today, but they are alive and doing well;

He has been so good to me; of his good deeds, the world I must tell.  Let me spread the word, when asked about Jesus—he’s king of kings and Lord of Lords.

*A Poem from Inspirational Poems for the Storms by Tamarah!  What have you heard?*


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