New Year’s Resolution(s)


Fireworks Show

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Are you still jotting them down or you just have a game plan in mind? Well, my New Year’s resolutions include:

  • Drinking more water (H2O)
  • Eating healthier foods
  • Exercising more

Drinking water is essential for the human body. Did you know that water makes up nearly 80% of the human body? I usually reject the consumption of water because it has no taste. With all the flavored water and flavored packets available, there is no excuse for not drinking the required amount of water which is known to be 8 glasses a day. Water is needed for the excretion of waste from our bodies. Have you ever wondered where constipation come from? What an unpleasant feeling that can be avoided if we will consume the amount of water that is needed daily.

Eating healthier foods is a must. What better time is there for me to make better food selections that starting the year eating healthy? Many books and articles that I have read highly recommend organic products. There is no better feeling than eating food that will make the body feel better. Imagine being able to breathe better, engage in activities at the park, and do exercises that body weight wouldn’t allow you to do at first. With all the additives in many of the products in out local grocery stores, our taste buds just become addictive to the taste. But, our body is missing the proper nutrients that the body need for the cells to function properly. So, be sure to pay much attention to your food and beverage labels as you shop for food and various drinks/juices.

Have you ever just sat and watched other people exercise ? Have the words from your mouth always been “I’m going to start going to the gym”? Well, there is no better time than this to begin your own exercising at home. I prefer exercising with my own selection of music as I work various areas of my body. Those who are not as self-disciplined as I am may want to obtain a membership at a local gym with an affordable monthly membership fee. For those who truly are not self motivators, you may want to hire a trainer who can lead and guide you in the right direction to become the preferred size and weight.

Overall, be sure that you are making New Year’s resolutions that are going to benefit you. Some people tend to make statements and call them resolutions. But, those statements have no potentials in displaying a change in his/her life in the long run. As we enter in the year of 2013, be your own motivator. Don’t wait on others to lead and guide you. You know what your plans are and the things that need to be done. So, make the appropriate decision on your own to seek the necessary results you have in mind. While you are waiting on others to encourage you and motivate you, look at all the accomplishments that could have been made if you took the initiative to put forth effort your plans. Are you setting beneficial New Year’s resolutions?


Reading: Are You a Reader?

Do you read often or occassionally? What book category or categories mainly interest you? Well, Iread often. The categories that interest me are the following:

  • Books of prayer
  • Cookbooks
  • Books of inspiration

Books of prayer are essential in my life. For there is so many forces of hinderances that tend to come my way to cause discouragement, anxiety, and low self-esteem. At the same time, I may attempt to resolve the issues in my own way. But, many of times I find out that my way is not always the solution. That’s why I carry books of prayer in my purse. Therefore, I have easy access when I experience hindering forces that attempt to see me suppressed. There is no better answer than a scripture pertaining to the situation.

Cookbooks are so relaxing. There is no good feeling like allowing your hands to be crafty. Cooking various recipes stimulate the tastebuds as it prepare to taste tasty and different meals. It also keeps the mind focused as it attempts to follow various steps and procedures leading to a tasty dinner.

Finally, Inspirational books is one of my favorite categories. At times, I feel overwhelmed and discouraged. At the same time, I have the responsibility of encouraging and inspiring others. For me to stay uplifted, I enjoy inspirational poetry and inspirational quotes. Keeping an inspirational word in my spirit daily and meditating on it during my daily walk, helps me to make it through the day. Many people are looking for others to always encourage and inspire them. Like King David, there are times we have to encourage and inspire ourselves. Waiting on that inspirational or encouraging word from someone else may not be spoken in time. So, we must take the initiative to encourage and inspire ourselves daily. Will you choose to inspire yourself during and after this Christmas holiday? or you will continue to wait and seek inspirational and encouragement from others?

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Inspirational:Christmas is Near

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Real Men Don’t Cry About the Situation


Encouragement:The Grinches Who Attempt to Steal Christmas

Are you aware there are grinches who will attempt to still your Christmas joy? Please, don’t allow the enemy to still your joy during this Christmas holiday. Don’t display any weakness towards the enemies’ demonic tactics. But, stand up and speak boldly for what you believe. Make it know what is unacceptable and acceptable. Show the grinches that you’re more than a conqueror and you’re not backing down. When the grinch witness the power within you that begun to display right in the midst of the evil tactics, the grinch will choose to flee because he/she notice strength, power, and authority being presented. Lets send a message to the grinches today that there is no tucking our tails nor running. Get Inspired! Be Inspired! and Stay Inspired! Visit*


The Devil Don’t Want These Problems!


Poetry: He Lives

Poem from Inspirational Poems for the Storms by Tamarah Mack

He lives and sits on his throne above like the clouds sit in the sky.  Like a squirrel lying dead in the middle of the street, I could have died.  I don’t know how my mind is being kept for I should be like a psycho seeking to do harm. Instead, like an angel covering me with his wings, he widely opens his arms;

Covering me with a shield, like a soldier is covered with armor for war, I should be like an alcoholic, seeking expensive drinks daily at the bar;
I have been through the wilderness like Moses for 40 days and 40 nights; I’ve been lost like an unknown traveler, but he assisted me with his glorious light.  For I know he is not dead, in fact, he rose on the third day like self-rising flour; he is alive and I can call on him any second, any minute, even in the midnight hour;

Events in life are like friends that go and come, come and go.  He saved me from the pit, called “Sheol.”  Death knocked at my door like a postman with a certified letter; he has been with me through the hot, cold, gloomy, rainy, and stormy weather.  He protects me like a cat protects her kittens and a dog protect her pups.  Oh yes, he lives each and every day because I feels his steadfast love.  He never treated me like a baby; around my neck, there’s no bib—but he trained me like a soldier for war, yes, he lives!
Do you think he lives?


Poetry: Ole Dark Days

Inspirational Poems for the Storms by Tamarah Mack

Darkness surrounds me in every direction I turn
the dark clouds are hovering over my head, for
the Savior, I yearn; I cry out because my help is
beyond the hills.  I cry out hoping my voice reaches
where the Savior lives;

I cry out because I need to see the light and sunshine.
My Savior, I still praise thee in the midst of these dark times; ole dark days are just here for a short period of time—please remove the darkness and give me a peace of mind;


It is so dark till I don’t know whether to turn left or right.  It aggravates me when the days appear to be night; I am tossing and turning and I can’t even sleep, while lying down, blackness is all that I see;


I am walking through the tunnels and valleys trying to find my way, for the Almighty is the only one who can diminish these ole dark days.

Poetry: The Demonic Man That Bothers Me



The enemy roams to and fro seeking whom he may devour, but I was put on this earth to make his taste buds sour.  He seeks to cause heartaches and pain—this man is evil! I mean he is totally insane;

He seeks to cause disappointments in areas that I strive and strive; he seeks to see me dead, thank God I am still alive.  The enemy is real and so am I.  He keeps telling me, “I am not going to make it,” but he is a lie.  This man goes to the extreme in what he does, but I strive harder, for there is power in me that makes him like a car without a starter;

He seeks to cause stress, anxiety, bondage, and oppression; I refuse to bow down, for I plan to teach him a lesson.  I am taking back my health –I am free in Jesus name.  I am more than a conqueror and I have the victory;

It’s time to take back all that belongs to me and more; I am coming boldly to kick down Satan’s door.  To the doors of deliverance, abundance, and joy, I already have the key.  I speak aggressively,

“Get Out,” I’m speaking to the demonic man that bothers me.