Shopping: Black Friday

How will you complete your Black Friday shopping? Will you shop online or you will visit your nearby stores? I plan to shop online. I choose to shop online to avoid:

  • The huge crowds
  • Long lines
  • Better deals on items
  • Take advantage of free shipping available online on specified items

What are the hottest items on your list? Are there electronics, eBooks, paperback books, or furniture? I am spending hours to compare the new and advance digital gadgets that are available. In addition, I am highly interested in the convenience of downloading eBooks to my Kindle device. It is so amazing how one can have a variety of books in the palm of his/her hands. I am highly concentrated on electronics, clothing, and eBooks. As far as eBooks, what genre is your best interest? I am very interested in DIY, How- To, Inspirational, Motivational, Poetry, and Romance genres. There is nothing like a holiday with inspirational material to give to individuals as gifts.

With the lost of many love ones and friends throughout the year, inspirational and motivational material and items are in high demand as we reminisce on the memories. So, don’t spend the holidays unhappy and saddened .Therefore, I encourage you to include Inspirational Poems for the Storms by Tamarah Mack in your eBook or paperback collection of inspirational and motivational material. Inspirational Poems for the Storms is available on and https://www.createspace/3890762. Inspirational Poems for the Storms was written to :

  • Inspire and encourage readers before experiencing adversities
  • Inspire and encourage readers during his/her adversities
  • Inspire and encourage readers who had not yet experience adversities because their adversities will arrive at some point in life

In conclusion, I will be seeking inspirational and motivational eBooks to include in my daily reading collection. What genre of books interest you and obtain your purchase during these holidays?


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