Economy- No Recession

No Recession

Do you think we are in a recession? Well, I don’t think we are in a recession. I believe that word is used to describe the difficult time people are having in the physical realm. According to, recession is defined as “the act of withdrawing”. There are some people who are withdrawing in their minds and hearts. Because life is appearing to be so difficult, they want to withdraw themselves from life. They want to withdraw in the act of suicide, overdose, or harm or danger to someone else that we likely cause imprisonment. Many people are seeking relief in their own way to cope with the adversities.

Economically, we are not in a recession. Money is still circulating the Earth. People are still paying bills, shopping, taking trips, and enjoying life. There are more people putting in than withdrawing. Now, we have more entrepreneurs than ever. Millionaires and billionaires are still in existence during these difficult times. It is taking difficult moments in life, for some people to discover the skills within them to manifest on the outside to allow one to see their opportunities to create wealth.


In conclusion, a recession is only for those who choose to claim they are in a recession. Not everyone is withdrawing, but are standing boldly like soldiers in attack mode. Are you ready to reverse the recession mentality?


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