Poetry- Lost Souls, Please Be Found

I would like to share a selection from my poetry book, “Inspirational Poems for the Storms”. This poem is entitled, “Lost Souls, Please Be Found”. As Christians, we tend to receive salvation and feel that is the end of our journey to Christ. But, we must constantly work in his vineyard to reach out to others and mentor to others to try to get them to be saved as well. There is nothing like seeing these people again in a better place whether it is a family member, friend, or associate. So, I hope this poem will encourage us to walk with our hearts open to allow others to experience the feeling of receiving salvation. Even though it isn’t an easy journey, there is nothing wrong with introducing others and allow the decision to be depending on when they feel they are ready to make that move.

Lost Souls! Please be Found

Our world is full of corruption; man-made rules have caused much disruption. Disruption on people daily lives and the process has been on how to be saved;

Some leaders are teaching you don’t have to be saved or baptized.  Why flood people minds with so many lies?  Some people are thinking that they can have church at home and because your dress isn’t to your ankles, you are living wrong;

The rules of man are ludicrous and people are confused misleading leaders persuading others to live the way they do.  Unfortunately, everyone will not make it to heaven above; nowadays people are burdened and feel so unloved;

I hate to hear of someone’s home being underneath the ground.  Lost souls! Lost souls!  Call on Jesus and please be found.


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