Education: The Love of Math

The Love of Math

What subject do you love? I love math. It has been  my favorite subject from day 1.




My mother always informs me that when I was 11 months, I was counting and do mathematics problems as if I have reached a grade level to attend school. During middle and high school, I always took advance courses. On test days, I would be the first one to finish my math exam. The teacher was so anxious to grade it because she was in suspense how did I finish so quickly. Usually students that finish quickly did not know the material or are just in a rush. But, she would grade my exam immediately and announce my grade. Therefore, she just knew I was just an advanced student.

As a college graduate, I enjoy tutoring math to low performing students. In addition, parents also wanted tutoring for students to get ahead for the following school year. As I research the low performance of subjects, math is the most failed subjects among all subjects. It disturbs me to know of students who has passed all parts of a standardized test. But, he/she has to retake the entire exam because of low performance in the math section.

Overall, I enjoy math of its flexibility when solving a problem. Math problems can be solved in numerous of ways. The great feature of math is that you can check majority of your answers by reversing the problem and it will reveal if your answer is correct or not. We can relate to math problems in the same manner we attempt to solve the problems in our life by completing the following:

  • Analyze the problem
  • Seek what the problem is asking for
  • Pull out all important points
  • Begin to break problem down to discover a solution

It only take seconds to pull out important pieces of information. Then, begin to put essential parts together. Let us choose today to break our problems down to come up with a solution. Finally, we will have a uniquely solved problem.




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