Poetry- Writing Poetry

Writing Poetry

Do you like poetry? Well, I do. It is just something about poetry that relieves me from all my worries and pain. Whenever trouble and problems arrive, I pull out the pencil and paper. At times, I feel like I cannot talk to anyone- that is the time that I pull out the pencil and paper and begin to write what is on my mind. I have realized holding so much tension within can cause one to become discouraged, disappointed, and full of despair. Many of times I have been wanting to explode like a time bomb on certain people, but I kill the atmosphere with kindness. I grab my pencil and paper to begin writing and releasing all my frustration within. Writing poetry just gives me peace. So, poetry is more than a hobby for me. Not only do I find myself inspiring and uplifting others. But, it also serves as a positive effect on me as well. It is a weapon that I use to fight frustration or disappointments. I am so thankful for poetry. What do you use to overcome your frustration?


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