Video: Inspirational Poems for the Storms Book Trailer

What an awesome feeling it is to know there is still hope? What a great feeling it is to know we are not counted out because of our past failures? Be inspired and uplifted with Inspirational Poems for the Storms by Tamarah Mack that was written to:

  • Inspire and encourage readers before adversities
  • Inspire and encourage readers during their adversities
  • Inspire and encourage readers who had not yet experienced any adversities because their adversities will come at some point in life

Realize there is hope for your situation and no weapon formed against you shall prosper. Feel free to like and leave your positive comments. Be inspired and uplifted with an Inspirational Poems for the Storms Book Trailer.

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Shopping: Black Friday

How will you complete your Black Friday shopping? Will you shop online or you will visit your nearby stores? I plan to shop online. I choose to shop online to avoid:

  • The huge crowds
  • Long lines
  • Better deals on items
  • Take advantage of free shipping available online on specified items

What are the hottest items on your list? Are there electronics, eBooks, paperback books, or furniture? I am spending hours to compare the new and advance digital gadgets that are available. In addition, I am highly interested in the convenience of downloading eBooks to my Kindle device. It is so amazing how one can have a variety of books in the palm of his/her hands. I am highly concentrated on electronics, clothing, and eBooks. As far as eBooks, what genre is your best interest? I am very interested in DIY, How- To, Inspirational, Motivational, Poetry, and Romance genres. There is nothing like a holiday with inspirational material to give to individuals as gifts.

With the lost of many love ones and friends throughout the year, inspirational and motivational material and items are in high demand as we reminisce on the memories. So, don’t spend the holidays unhappy and saddened .Therefore, I encourage you to include Inspirational Poems for the Storms by Tamarah Mack in your eBook or paperback collection of inspirational and motivational material. Inspirational Poems for the Storms is available on and https://www.createspace/3890762. Inspirational Poems for the Storms was written to :

  • Inspire and encourage readers before experiencing adversities
  • Inspire and encourage readers during his/her adversities
  • Inspire and encourage readers who had not yet experience adversities because their adversities will arrive at some point in life

In conclusion, I will be seeking inspirational and motivational eBooks to include in my daily reading collection. What genre of books interest you and obtain your purchase during these holidays?

Economy- No Recession

No Recession

Do you think we are in a recession? Well, I don’t think we are in a recession. I believe that word is used to describe the difficult time people are having in the physical realm. According to, recession is defined as “the act of withdrawing”. There are some people who are withdrawing in their minds and hearts. Because life is appearing to be so difficult, they want to withdraw themselves from life. They want to withdraw in the act of suicide, overdose, or harm or danger to someone else that we likely cause imprisonment. Many people are seeking relief in their own way to cope with the adversities.

Economically, we are not in a recession. Money is still circulating the Earth. People are still paying bills, shopping, taking trips, and enjoying life. There are more people putting in than withdrawing. Now, we have more entrepreneurs than ever. Millionaires and billionaires are still in existence during these difficult times. It is taking difficult moments in life, for some people to discover the skills within them to manifest on the outside to allow one to see their opportunities to create wealth.


In conclusion, a recession is only for those who choose to claim they are in a recession. Not everyone is withdrawing, but are standing boldly like soldiers in attack mode. Are you ready to reverse the recession mentality?

Poetry- Lost Souls, Please Be Found

I would like to share a selection from my poetry book, “Inspirational Poems for the Storms”. This poem is entitled, “Lost Souls, Please Be Found”. As Christians, we tend to receive salvation and feel that is the end of our journey to Christ. But, we must constantly work in his vineyard to reach out to others and mentor to others to try to get them to be saved as well. There is nothing like seeing these people again in a better place whether it is a family member, friend, or associate. So, I hope this poem will encourage us to walk with our hearts open to allow others to experience the feeling of receiving salvation. Even though it isn’t an easy journey, there is nothing wrong with introducing others and allow the decision to be depending on when they feel they are ready to make that move.

Lost Souls! Please be Found

Our world is full of corruption; man-made rules have caused much disruption. Disruption on people daily lives and the process has been on how to be saved;

Some leaders are teaching you don’t have to be saved or baptized.  Why flood people minds with so many lies?  Some people are thinking that they can have church at home and because your dress isn’t to your ankles, you are living wrong;

The rules of man are ludicrous and people are confused misleading leaders persuading others to live the way they do.  Unfortunately, everyone will not make it to heaven above; nowadays people are burdened and feel so unloved;

I hate to hear of someone’s home being underneath the ground.  Lost souls! Lost souls!  Call on Jesus and please be found.

Education: The Love of Math

The Love of Math

What subject do you love? I love math. It has been  my favorite subject from day 1.




My mother always informs me that when I was 11 months, I was counting and do mathematics problems as if I have reached a grade level to attend school. During middle and high school, I always took advance courses. On test days, I would be the first one to finish my math exam. The teacher was so anxious to grade it because she was in suspense how did I finish so quickly. Usually students that finish quickly did not know the material or are just in a rush. But, she would grade my exam immediately and announce my grade. Therefore, she just knew I was just an advanced student.

As a college graduate, I enjoy tutoring math to low performing students. In addition, parents also wanted tutoring for students to get ahead for the following school year. As I research the low performance of subjects, math is the most failed subjects among all subjects. It disturbs me to know of students who has passed all parts of a standardized test. But, he/she has to retake the entire exam because of low performance in the math section.

Overall, I enjoy math of its flexibility when solving a problem. Math problems can be solved in numerous of ways. The great feature of math is that you can check majority of your answers by reversing the problem and it will reveal if your answer is correct or not. We can relate to math problems in the same manner we attempt to solve the problems in our life by completing the following:

  • Analyze the problem
  • Seek what the problem is asking for
  • Pull out all important points
  • Begin to break problem down to discover a solution

It only take seconds to pull out important pieces of information. Then, begin to put essential parts together. Let us choose today to break our problems down to come up with a solution. Finally, we will have a uniquely solved problem.



Poetry- Writing Poetry

Writing Poetry

Do you like poetry? Well, I do. It is just something about poetry that relieves me from all my worries and pain. Whenever trouble and problems arrive, I pull out the pencil and paper. At times, I feel like I cannot talk to anyone- that is the time that I pull out the pencil and paper and begin to write what is on my mind. I have realized holding so much tension within can cause one to become discouraged, disappointed, and full of despair. Many of times I have been wanting to explode like a time bomb on certain people, but I kill the atmosphere with kindness. I grab my pencil and paper to begin writing and releasing all my frustration within. Writing poetry just gives me peace. So, poetry is more than a hobby for me. Not only do I find myself inspiring and uplifting others. But, it also serves as a positive effect on me as well. It is a weapon that I use to fight frustration or disappointments. I am so thankful for poetry. What do you use to overcome your frustration?

Career-My Current Field

Are you enjoying your current field? I am enjoying my current field as a Pharmacy technician.

Well, I started with a nationwide retail chain pharmacy in July 2003 as a Customer Service Representative. I worked as a Customer Service Representative for a couple of months until I was offered the opportunity to work as a pharmacy cashier. I start becoming hesitative because I have never worked in the Pharmacy. While I was thinking about the offer, I found myself doubting myself because I focused on my weakness of not being knowledgeable of anything pertaining to pharmacy. But, I overlooked the encouragement within me that I can be anything that I choose to be in life. I also knew that I was capable of learning any field once I receive training and study the proper guidelines and procedures pertaining the job position.

As someone who enjoy challenges, I accepted the offer of becoming a Pharmacy Cashier. It was a great learning experience because customers are holding you responsible for dispensing the right medication. So, I found pharmacy  to be a very careful and tidious field. I worked as a Pharmacy Cashier for a couple of months until I was offered to become a Pharmacy Technician. Again, I accepted this offer because I knew I was entering a new level. Later, I took the certification exam and got certified. Finally, I became a Senior Certified Pharmacy Technician.

In conclusion, I enjoy my current field because I sympathize with customers as I listen to their personal problems. There is nothing like customers feeling at home. It is a great opportunity to meet people over the entire country and outside the country. There is nothing like developing a customer relationship because people have so much to talk about and just need an open ear to listen. Most people get involved in certain fields for the money which is great. But, there is nothing like being a worker in a field that you enjoy! Are you enjoying your current field?