Poetry: I Will Never Forget

Many people forget where they came from when success and prosperity enter his/her lives. They forget how it all started and who actually opened the door for that opportunity to take place. Well, I will like to acknowledge that special man. Because of the things he has brought me through, I wouls like to acknowledge him because I will never forget how my blessings orignated and where is my main source. Be inspired and uplifted with the poem from the poetry book, Inspirational Poems for the Storms entitled, “I Will Never Forget”.

I Will Never Forget

I will never forget when I was twelve or thirteen years old, the day I gave my life totally to Christ.  Needless to say, it was difficult for me to allow him to take control because I wanted to take actions at my own will;

The old life I tried to live continuously, but every since that day I gave my life totally to Christ, I experienced some real fiery trials; to realize everyone couldn’t be trusted, it took me a while;

I’ve been in situations that I didn’t know what to do, but I am so thankful that Christ brought me through.  He brought me through the storms and the rain, giving my life to Christ became an instant change;

Some drastic experiences were about to make me lose my mind; while going through, the world treated me so cold many times;

Getting to know Jesus is a relationship I’ll never regret, the strength he has given me and the miracles he has performed in my life, I will never forget.


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