Poetry: Nobody Greater

Nobody Greater

When I am alone and feel defeated of my foes
I begin to hear the opening of doors and windows;

Certain battles I am not equipped to fight on my own,
so, I began to make requests to the one who sits on the throne.  He will incline his ears to hear what I have to say; so many times throughout the years, he made a way.  I have stared the impossible right in the face, an encouraging word for man’s word, I refuse to trade;

He can override credit at any given point and time; he’ll grant your heart’s desire without paying a dime.  For he’s the doctor who numbers one’s days; he’s always on time; things may appear to be in denial, but just delayed;

There is no one like him; the one who sits on the throne.  No one can strengthen me and encourage me to hold on.  Some moments in life tend to increase my heart rate; he is my pacemaker, for he is awesome and great!



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