My Current Field

Do you enjoy you current field? Well, I enjoy my current field as a pharmacy technician. It was an awesome opportunity for me and an open door to have the chance to works as a pharmacy technician.

Well, I started with a nationwide retail chain pharmacy in July 2003 as a Customer Service Representative. I wolrked as a Customer Service Representative for a couple of months until I was offered the opportunity to work as a pharmacy cashier. I start becoming hesitative because I have never worked in the Pharmacy. While I was thinking about the offer, I found myself doubting myself because I focussed on my weakness of not being knowledgeable of anything pertaining to pharmacy. But, I overlooked the encouragement within me that I can be anything that I choose to be in life. I alsoknew that I was capable of learning any field once I receive training and study the proper guidelines and procedures pertaining the job position.

As someone who enjoys challenges, I accepted the offer of becoming a Pharmacy Cashier. It was a great learning experience because customers are holding you responsible for dispensing the right medication. So, I found the pharmacy department to be a very careful and tidious position. I worked as a Pharmacy Cashier for a couple of months until I was offered to become a Pharmacy Technician. Again, I accepted this offer because I knew I was entering a new level. Later, I took the certificiation exam and got certified. Finally, i became a Senior Certified Pharmacy Technician.

In conclusion, I enjoy my current field because I sympathize with customers as I listen to their personal problems. There is nothing like customers feeling at home. It is a great opportiunity to meet people over the entire country and outside the country. There is nothing like developing a customer relationship because people have so much to talk about and just need an open ear to listen. Most people get invovlved in certain fields for the money which is great. But, there is nothing like being a worker in a field that you enjoy! Are you enjoying your current field.


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