Poetry: Known From the Beginning

I have heard numerous of people quote that “we can be our worst enemies”. I truly agree because we are so hard on ourselves. We put all our time trying to fix situations and events that are beyond our control. Worrying how to fix situations that has already occurred and can’t be changed or corrected, leads to worrying and oppression. Just think all that energy that was used worrying, could have been used to be enthused and happy. Yet, time and energy has been invested in a scenario that can’t be changed nor restored. As human beings, we must realize that we are human and mistakes are going to be made. But, we can’t continue to allow the past to ride our backs and block our focus on the future. Realize there is a great man who knew us from the beginning. He knew the mistakes we were going to make before they were made. So, choose to move forward today because our shortcomings were known from the beginning.

Known from the Beginning

It was known from the beginning that I would experience a hot mess.  King Jesus has been with me through all of my fiery tests;

In life, I am giving my all and all, but what I am getting in return is all the hating comments.  I hear and let them burn.  I’m waiting on my breakthrough because I know I am next in line; the blessed moment is about to arrive when everything will be just fine.  During my calamity, I witnessed people laughing and grinning, although my faults and shortcomings were known from the beginning;

It was known from the beginning that I could stand the fiery test; when others have thrown in the towel, I am still standing.  More and more from me, the world is demanding.


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