Poetry: Who

There may be many friends and family members you may love dearly. But when trials and tribulations enter your life, who will truly be there to the end when everyone else has walked away? Be inspired and uplifted with “Who” from the poetry book, Inspirational Poems for the Storms.


Who is going to love me like the Almighty King?  Who is willing to be my everything?  Rock me constantly in the midnight hour when I can’t sleep, wipe my eyes consistently when I weep;

Who will protect me keeping danger and harm away?  When I am bothered by my circumstances, who will assure me that it’s going to be okay?  Who will provide heat when I am cold?  Who will give me knowledge and wisdom as I grow old?

Who will say “Yes” when my enemies say “No?”  Over the ugly situations, who will take control?  Who will give me bread when I am hungry?  Who will give me water when I am thirsty?  Who will pick me up when I tend to fall?  Who will remove the barriers, mountains and brick walls?

Who will hear me when I scream for help?  Who will cancel all of my debts?  When my world is so cloudy and misty blue?  Who will remove the cloudiness? Just who!


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